About Astarc Ventures

About Us

Established in 2015, Astarc Ventures is a division of the Astarc Group Family Office. We invest in very select early-stage technology companies all over the world. We want to leverage our years of operating business experience across multiple industries and globally to support early-stage companies in their journey.

We focus on investing in Strategic sectors, which are aligned with the core businesses of Astarc Group, and Sector Agnostic Themes, where we invest in emerging and disruptive sectors.

While the fund is set up out of Mumbai (India), we work with entrepreneurs across all geographies.

Our Investment Philosophy

Strategic Themes

These investment areas are based on Astarc Group’s existing business operations and future growth plans. Some of the areas include (but are not limited to),
Printing Tech 2D, 3D, Screen Printing, Handheld Printing, etc.
Health Tech/Medical Biosensors, Monitoring devices, Wearables, Preventive and Diagnostic solutions, Genetics, Biotechnology.
Auto-Tech Auto Parts, Consumer Facing Applications, EVs, Shared Mobility, etc.
Agri Tech Supply Chain, Warehousing, Food Processing, Distribution Channels, Agri Financing, E-commerce, etc.
Real Estate and Construction Tech Pre Fabrication, Design Optimization & Visualization, Sustainable Construction, 3D Printing, Consumer Real Estate Ownership/Rental Models, New Age Brokerage, Sales and Marketing platforms, etc.

Sector Agnostic Themes

These are forward-looking themes where we believe large businesses can be built in the next decade because of new technology and fundamental shifts in consumer preferences and needs.
AI/ML Applications solving industry-specific problems using Artificial Intelligence (and its family of algorithms)
IOT Both Hardware and platform plays to enable data gathering and rapid decision-making across sectors, and manufacturing units (Smart Factories) to improve the manufacturing throughput, improve compliances and reduce costs
Fin-Tech Companies that provide access to finance for all consumers, SMEs, etc., or bring efficiency to existing financial institutions
B2B SaaS Right from Supply Chain efficiencies to improving Sales/Marketing platforms, HR, Financial accounting, or anything that improves the top line or bottom line for businesses.
Consumer Brands
Marketplaces & Platforms
Climate Change/ Environment protection

Stage and Geography

We are flexible in our approach to partnering with early-stage companies. While we prefer to come in as early as possible, we could invest anywhere from Pre-Series A to Pre-IPO.
We are geography agnostic in our approach. We majorly focus on investing in companies based in India, Israel, the US, and the UK.

Ticket Sizes and Time Horizon

Ticket Size We invest anywhere from $50,000 to $1 Million in a single company and continue to invest in subsequent rounds.
Time Horizon Our capital is patient capital. While we do try and exit our investments in 5-7 years, we are not under any obligation to exit our position prematurely and partner with the entrepreneurs as long as necessary.


The nature of our fund allows us to both lead investments and co-invest with other funds/family offices in syndicate rounds.

LP Investments We also partner with multiple funds across the globe as LPs.